Human Capital Management

AutoKrew HCM

AutoKrew HCM (Human Capital Management) is a comprehensive collection of modules and sub-modules to develop and optimize the human resources of an organization.

The module is optimized to handle recruitment, integrated payroll, taxation, asset management, administrative management, travel management etc., for a company or group of companies through a single instance deployed either on-premise or on the cloud.

Biometric-linked Payroll Integration

AutoKrew HCM is compatible with more than 60+ biometric devices which are available in the market. The system incorporates fingerprint verification technology, RFID-based punch cards, and App-based QR codes to produce precise clocking times of each employee, which further get seamlessly integrated with AutoKrew HCM's payroll engine. We have also integrated Geo-tagging and fencing abilities that add on to your capabilities through web / mobile app functionalities.

Integrated Asset Management

AutoKrew HCM comes with an ``Integrated Asset Management`` sub-module, a key to enhancing the performance of an organization. This sub-module creates a single window management for fixed and movable assets. It also tracks check-out/check-in performed by an employee or group of employees. This module can also be linked with AutoKrew Procurement Module to run end-2-end procurement cycles and vendor interaction.


AutoKrew HCM offers key features such as recruitment, onboarding, payroll management, time & attendance tracking, administrative management, travel and asset management amongst others. It can be seamlessly integrated with other HR software solutions and even third-party applications such as accounting and social media.

  • Complete end-2-end Hire to Retire solution
  • Integrated Payroll Engine
  • Biometric Attendance & App-based Remote Login with GPS enablement
  • Loans & Advances, Income Tax and Asset Tracker
  • Employee Self Service portal

Intuitive UX/UI

AutoKrew HCM comes with simple and intuitive interface ensuring that users take full advantage of the features with little or no ramp-up time. For more details, request an access to our Knowledge Base.

Document Life-cycle Control

AutoKrew HCM provides a structured way to track all HR-related documents as they move through the document lifecycle. Version control and audit trails provide control and accountability for documentation, editing, and storage. The system stores data of existing and past employees along with an exhaustive CV bank to support current and future recruitment processes.

One Stop Solution

AutoKrew HCM is a ‘one-stop solution’ for your organization’s  HR activities. It helps you track applications, recruit effectively, create paperless joining processes, boost company productivity, and establish performance goals and track progress. Our solution helps you to focus on employees as individuals and develop them as a long-term assets.

Lifetime Free Updates

AutoKrew HCM comes with Lifetime Free Updates. We do this to improve the overall ecosystem and keep it competitive with other software in the market. As the industry evolves, so does AutoKrew HCM users and their abilities. It’s a win-win situation for all!

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