AutoKrew Procurement

AutoKrew Procurement module empowers clients across industries to automate the manual procurement process through our technical expertise and deep process knowledge. The main emphasis of the module is to reduce the overall cycle time and brings all the purchase activities under the purview of the organization.

It helps you standardize your procurement/approval workflow for each transaction, centralizes the existing supplier database, mandatory compliance procedures, accommodating audits and segregating legal issues becomes easy to handle making it easy for the organization to track the supplier performance.

PO Versioning

This new feature enables users to update the Purchase Order (PO) line items and prices after they have been sent for approval or after they have been sent back by the approver for a revision. Systems' users can easily cite either specific versions of a PO or cite, via a top-level PO number which will include all the versions for the quick reference.

Bid Evaluation Engine

Through this engine, RFQs are used in a single round process that is similar to a one-shot sealed bid auction where the winners are selected once all the bids are in. This is based on the recommendations made by the bid evaluation engine.

Integrated Asset Management

AutoKrew Procurement comes with an ``Integrated Asset Management`` sub-module to run end-2-end procure to pay cycle. On top of it, this module can be duly linked with AutoKrew HCM module to track check-out/check-in performed by an employee or group of employees.


AutoKrew Procurement offers the following
  • RFI/ RFQ/PO/ Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Vendor Management with Bid Evaluation
  • Approval Routing, Spend Analyzer
  • Accounting Payment Integration
  • Analytical Reporting
  • Transparency & Automation
  • Asset Management (can be linked with AutoKrew HCM additionally)

Procurement Reports

  • Product Allocation Report
  • Product Transfer Report
  • Price Trend Analysis Report
  • GRN Report
  • Stock Report
  • Consumption Report
  • Procurement Statistics
  • Vendor-wise Procurement Report
  • Bid Evaluation Report

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