Sales (AD)

Sales (for Automotive Dealership)

AutoKrew Sales Module offers Dealers today more tailored/customizable services, by being customer-focused and empowering dealers to be more efficient in order to compete in Cutthroat Automobile Business.

Flexibility is the mantra to business success which depends upon the how efficiently information is processed and employees use data, the more productive the core business becomes. AutoKrew Sales Module offers innovative business process solutions for sales and service provide dealers with a decisive competitive edge.


  • Live Dashboard Overview and Analytics
  • Multi-Brand, Multi-Location, Multi-Segment
  • Wholesale Inventory and Deal Management
  • Retail Trend & YoY comparison
  • Profitability Report
  • Lost Sales Analysis
  • Lead Funnel and Source Analysis
  • Cross Sell Penetration & more

Sales Reports

  • Open Stock Report
  • Wholesale Status Report
  • Sales Report
  • Vehicle Gate-pass Report
  • Dealer Earnings Summary
  • Accessories Earnings Summary
  • Enquiry Monitoring System / Can be integrated with AutoKrew CRM (AD)

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